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Keeping it Cool: AC Repair, Narcoossee FL


At Smith’s Air Conditioning Inc. we are dedicated to providing our local customers with top of the line AC repair options and services, at the best prices. There’s no need for your house to feel like an oven this summer, give us a call for your free AC repair estimate. 


Here at Smith’s we pride ourselves on supplying the best air conditioning systems and products on the market. Our professional technicians have undergone the strictest of training in air conditioner repair. Narcoossee residents can rest assured; we will find your AC’s problem and fix it. 


Indoor Air Quality, Do You Know What’s in Your Air? 

People seal their houses air tight in an attempt to maintain low cooling costs. We here at Smith’s understand that keeping your home cool in Narcoossee FL can be difficult, but in your relentless attempts to keep Mother Nature out, you are in fact keeping much worse things in. If nature can’t get in, then the crud can’t get out. This “crud” is pollen, germs, viruses, pet dander, toxic odors and dirt. 


Here at Smith’s Air Conditioning Inc. we provide more than just air conditioning repair services, we also carry an innovative line of products specifically designed to improve your indoor air quality. These products are affordable and effective at removing your stale, unhealthy or possibly toxic air without raising the bills. Pan treatment strips, specially designed, low power LED lights, and HEPA filters are all products we provide that will remove indoor pollution from your home. 


The Story Behind Smith’s 

For over fifty years our company has built itself around providing our customers with excellent workmanship, top of the line customer service and quality products. In a business market dominated by big name companies, we are the underdogs. It is being in the shadow of these huge, franchised companies that motivates us to do better and consistently deliver excellence to our customers. Our company is local and maintains only a small number of stores in a few counties in Florida, including our store in Narcoosee, FL. You are important to us, both as a customer and a neighbor

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