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Beat the Heat, Give Us a Call: AC Repair - Poinciana, FL


Our business located in Poinciana, FL. is here to make sure you’re staying cool in your home or office. Our affordable and quality assured AC repair services provide local customers a way to save on expensive unit replacements. More often than not a faulty air conditioner is simply a worn out part that can be replaced quickly by our experienced technicians. Give us a call for your free AC repair estimate, we only fix what’s broken and never tack on “hidden fees”. 


Here at Smith’s we are always striving to implement the newest heating and cooling technology into our business. Our professional technicians are experienced and educated with every system on the market to provide you top notch service and the speed and knowhow to get you back up and running fast. We’ll always let you know the most cost effective approach and if that means a new system, we can also provide you the best systems and products in the industry. 


What Are You Inhaling: Keep an Eye on Your Air Quality

Understandably, to keep cooling and heating costs at a minimum most families keep everything closed up in their home. However, the less circulation and flow you provide in your home, the more built up harmful contaminates can get. Pet hair and dander, dust, dirt, pollen, germs and viruses and even toxins can all accumulate without proper ventilation. 


Smith’s Air Conditioning is here to provide the products necessary in helping you maintain a healthy air quality in your home without raising the utility bills. Using HEPA filters, our specialty LED lights, pan treatment strips and more we can remove the pollutants in your air effectively and reliably. Each product is specifically designed to focus on a certain category of indoor pollution. 


Let Smith’s show you exactly why we’re Poinciana Florida’s first choice in handling their heating and cooling needs.  

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