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Allergens & Particulates

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Dirt, Dust and Pollen

Dust & Pollen

Mold & Fungi


Tobacco Smoke

Wood Smoke

Vehicle Exaust

Dust Mites

Pet Allergies

Insect Debris

Health Effects

Nose and Throat Irritation

Runny Nose



Cough & Wheezing

Asthma Flares


When was the last time you changed your pan treatment strip?


When hot humid air from your home passes through the cooling coil in your air handler  it causes condensation and the coil sweats and drips into a pan. The standing water in this pan becomes stale and slimy breeding odor causing germs. An EPA registered, time released pan treatment strip in this pan will help to prevent this and protect your home from damage caused from slime build up in the pan’s drain. Pan treatments should be replaced at least once a year depending on the length of your cooling season.

  • Helps prevent water leaks and clogged drains

  • Reduces fungus mold and mildew 

  • Time releases for long lasting results 

  • Stale standing water in the HVAC system drain pan can breed bacteria and mold, causing health concerns and odor problems. A corroded leaking drain pan can also cause serious damage to your home. 

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